How to create a Blog Post

To create a Blog you have 2 options.
1. Top Menu > New > Post
2. Side menu > Post > Add New
To view all Blogs > Side menu > All Posts

To edit a blog > Side menu > All posts and under each blog post click edit.

How to add Images / Videos

There is 2 ways to add an image to a Blog
1. Upload to the Library.
Side menu > Media > Library and Add new (Then select an image from your desktop)
2. Side menu > Media > Add new

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is very important for search engines (Google) to find and index a Blog Post. When the blog post is complete (All text and images are uploaded) scroll down to Yoast SEO section and complete the sections shown in the video.

Publish a Blog

When the blog is ready to publish scroll down to the social media icons under each post and click which network to publish to

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