Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Acupuncture?
  • Acupuncture is the insertion of fine single use stainless steel needles into predetermined points on the body for therapeutic effect.
How long does a treatment take?
  • Treatments last approx. 35 – 45 minutes but allow up to 1 – 1.15 hour(s) for your first visit.
What should I look for in an Acupuncturist?
  • Ensure firstly that the Acupuncturist is a Member of AFPA, or one of the other governing bodies. Your personal rapport with the Acupuncturist is important so try to find somebody with whom you feel comfortable, who understands what you want to achieve from treatment and who will take the time to explain how he/she feels acupuncture can help you. Acupuncture has its limitations also so ask about previous experience with conditions similar to your own.
Do Acupuncture Needles hurt?
  • Generally, no, but some people may get a slight sensation from the needle after insertion. Removal of the needles causes no discomfort and minor bleeding may sometimes occur which can be stopped with a cotton swab. The practitioner may also insert needles into the surface of your ear (Auricular Acupuncture) depending on your condition. Some facial acupoints may bruise after needling so if a minor
    facial bruise bothers you then tell your practitioner and usually another acupoint can be selected elsewhere on your body.
Does Acupuncture cause side effects?
  • In short, no. Acupuncture is about re-balancing the body’s energy and quite often a sense of relaxation and general wellbeing results after a course of treatments.
Does Acupuncture and TCM have limits
  • Acupuncture and TCM is not a panacea for every ailment known to man and does have its limitations. As a broad rule, acute life threatening conditions are best dealt with by Western medicine, routine and chronic conditions for which drug therapy and surgery have not been effective often benefit from Acupuncture/TCM.
How many treatments will I need ?

Fertility Preparation:

  • We wish we could give an exact timeline, but what we can give patients are more specifics based on your individual history and presentation. At least 1 treatment per week for 12 wks. In general, we work with people for a minimum of 3-6 months. (It takes 3 months to develop new eggs).

IVF & IUI Support:

  • In an ideal world we would have 3 months to get 12 treatments (acupuncture once a week). However, many patients are already preparing for an IUI or IVF cycle by the time they contact me. Based on the research, our goal is to get in as close to 12 treatments as possible before egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer. in However in my experience any number of treatments before retrieval or transfer is helpful in lowering stress, improving blood flow to the pelvis, and improving your overall chances of success.

Other conditions:

  • It can vary quite a bit from person to person and the condition being treated, but chances are you will need a course of treatments to get results. Initially, weekly treatments are advised, and patients usually experience
    improvement within a few treatments. As the condition improves, treatments will then be needed less and less often. Generally speaking, the longer and more chronic a problem is the more treatments it will take to cure the ailment. For more acute pain conditions you might experience relief immediately or the next day, and then within a few treatments, the pain is completely managed. For a chronic problem, you might get treatments weekly over a longer period. This is true for most health concerns, not just pain.
How much does it cost ?
  • Its €50 per session, if you have Health Insurance you may be able to claim some of your session back. If you need to take Chinese Herbs these are addition cost, for fertility patients I will nearly always recommend Chinese Herbs
What should I do before and after treatment?
  • Be sure to eat before coming in. Other than that, dress comfortably and plan to try to take it easy after a treatment. One of the great side-benefits of acupuncture is relaxation – we believe in making that last as long as possible.